Learn how to build a best in class 
digital marketing team  
in *5 weeks or less

Grow your digital marketing department's efficiency exponentially in less than 1 year

• Not For Agencies •

Remote teams, collaboration, changing trends, talent retention, project deadlines, margins, marketing ROI, metrics, performance indicators... the list goes on.

Follow our proven easy to implement digital marketing management framework to build, manage and scale your digital marketing competency, without the stress despite the unknowns.

What is this program?

The 'Digital Marketing CoE' is a self-paced online training program. Each course is designed to meet your organization's needs, budget, digital marketing capability & maturity level.


The Roadmap

 Set a destination and create a roadmap to get there.
In this 5 hours self-paced DIY program, learn what you are missing today and the precise actions you need to take to bridge the gap. All you need to do is implement this roadmap and achieve the goals you set for your digital marketing department.


 The Framework

 Follow the step-by-step journey towards your destination. 
Get downloadable templates, calculators, checklists and guides that will significantly cut down your speed of execution. Learn how to navigate complex situations as you build up your digital marketing department via 20+ hours of guided training videos.


The Blueprint

 Transform your digital marketing department into a ‘Profit Center’. 
Learn advanced techniques to build efficiencies, manage unpredictable variables and scale your digital marketing department. Become the digital marketing ‘Centre of Excellence’ so that the parent organization relies on it for growth.

Unsure of which way to proceed?


Get a FREE SWOT analysis of your digital marketing department’s current state of efficiency and maturity. This in depth self-assessment exercise is highly likely to reveal several blind spots within your business's digital marketing competency.

Who is this for?

CEOs, CMOs, Heads of Digital Marketing and leaders of Small, Medium and Large enterprises who are accountable for delivering financial ROI on the organization's digital marketing efforts


This program is applicable to online and off-line B2B as well as B2C organizations across industry verticals and geographies



This program is ideal for businesses that use digital marketing currently or plan to do so in the near future



This program is not targeted towards digital marketing agencies, while such agencies may benefit immensely by referring their clients to us



You do not learn SEO, paid media, etc.  You'll instead learn the frameworks needed to manage a digital marketing department


The Program's Objectives


(Founder/ Partner/ CEO)

Learn how to maximize revenue and market sharewhile minimizing customer acquisition cost, without spending a fortune on talent, by transforming your digital marketing practice into a centre of excellence


(CMO/ VP/ Director)

Learn how to maximize your department's efficiencyand increase your digital marketing ROI, without endless delays and expensive mistakes, by transforming your digital marketing practice into a center of excellence

Meet the instructor

Raghuram is the creator and principal coach of the Digital Marketing CoE training program. He brings over 20 years of experience managing the delivery of digital content based products and services.

This includes over 18 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary digital content teams in three countries.

Raghuram brings 8+ years of digital marketing agency leadership experience in Canada. As a digital marketing strategist, he has directly helped over 25 North American b2b and b2c brands with their lead gen and sales enablement. As an agency leader, he has indirectly impacted over 200+ small and medium businesses. 

Raghu has worked across 7 verticals including Financial Services, eLearning, Business Process Outsourcing, Professional Services, Media & Entertainment.



What makes this program different from other digital marketing training programs out there?

Unlike other digital marketing training programs out there, this program teaches you how to put together a team and manage it efficiently. In other words you do not learn digital marketing tactics and strategies such as SEO, social media, email marketing, paid ads, etc. Instead you learn how to setup a digital marketing department, hire the right people, the right digital marketing agency and set them up for success.

If done right, they will strategize and execute various digital marketing campaigns to get you leads and sales. In this program you learn the framework needed to build and manage your digital marketing team/department in the most efficient way possible.

We use a digital marketing agency already. Would this program still help?

Absolutely. There are times when you, as a client may need to introspect if you have given all the support that your agency needs so they can perform at their best. On the flip side, your sixth sense probably tells you that your agency isn’t giving you the complete picture on what’s working and what isn’t.  Maybe you want to move to another agency or bring more of the digital marketing effort inhouse.

How to get the best of your agency? Should you look for another agency? If yes, how do you go about it and when? All of this is covered in detail in the training program

What is a ‘Centre of Excellence’?

A 'Center of Excellence' (CoE) is a team, department, or facility within an organization that is recognized as having a high level of expertise or performance in a specific area. The goal of a CoE is to provide leadership, best practices, and resources to other parts of the organization in order to improve overall performance and competitiveness.

Our endeavor is to convert your digital marketing department into such a CoE so that your company's business grows rapidly in market share, revenue and stakeholder value.

Who has used this 'Digital Marketing CoE' program before?

Raghuram, the creator of this program has built and delivered multi-channel inbound lead generation and sales enablement campaigns for B2C brands such as HelloFresh, Ancaster Foods, GoodLife Fitness, Exodus Travels, Sencor Canada, Gino's Pizzas and Merck Canada as well as for B2B brands such as AirFixture, TrueNorth ITG, PCM Canada and Spatial.

During his tenure as a service delivery leader at the India based centers of excellence for a mid-sized US based software company, a Fortune 100 company and a large US based MNC (recognized by Fortune as one of the 'World's Most Admired Companies'); he led multidisciplinary digital content teams, created processes, setup SLAs, built KPI dashboards and serviced US based brands such as Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Sungevity, Lions Gate Entertainment, and ShutterStock.

Raghuram has translated his skill and years of experience into this program which is essentially a succinct no-nonsense actionable framework that you can easily implement.

Click here to read Raghuram’s bio.

We already have a well-established digital marketing department.

Congratulations. The digital marketing CoE program has a ton of checklists, customizable templates and calculators. You could always leverage them to fill gaps that may exist within your ecosystem. The BLUEPRINT training program is specifically geared towards taking a fairly functioning digital marketing department and elevating it into a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Moreover, your team is as good as the people who run it. You can insulate yourself to some degree against any loss of knowledge resulting from talent attrition if you have this training program in hand.

While on the topic, why don’t you go through the Health-Check quiz to be sure you have everything sorted?

Will I learn how to run digital marketing campaigns to get more sales and leads.

No. You will learn how to build a team that will in turn run successful digital marketing campaigns for you. The digital marketing CoE program will enable you to manage the team such that talent retention improves, processes are streamlined, and the overall operation becomes more stable. 

As the head of the department, you will control the financials and understand how to connect various dots in a very complex operation. With a stable operations framework in place, everyone knows who is doing what and how things need to be done. Top management can be sure that mid-management and the front lines are completely aligned to the overall business's mission and vision. Every one in the digital marketing department (agency and/or inhouse) has a sense of purpose and clarity on how they impact the business's overall numbers.

What happens if we run into issues while implementing this program within our organization?

Each module in the program has a section that covers potential roadblocks and issues you may encounter when the rubber hits the road. That should address most of your potential roadblocks. You and your team will also get lifetime access to all the course material you have signed up for. That way, you have access to updated training videos, templates, guides and calculators.

We also invite you to join our private facebook group DigitalMarketingCoE where you would get to exchange ideas, ask questions and learn from other participants of this program. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel @digitalmarketingcoe to access videos that could help you along your journey. We periodically release support videos, case studies and client interviews on our social media channels that may inspire and guide you through some of your toughest implementation problems.

Raghuram, the creator of this program and principal coach is also available to hand-hold you through sticky situations that you may not have anticipated or may not know how to navigate. Kindly contact Raghuram directly if you'd like him to help in specific areas, or if you'd like to hire him as a coach/ trainer or advisor on your executive team.

What does the promise of ‘*5 weeks or less’ mentioned at the start of this page mean?

Assuming you immerse yourself in the course content without doing anything else; you can complete the ROADMAP in a few hours, the FRAMEWORK in less than a week and the BLUEPRINT in about a week. There are several ready-to-use worksheets, templates, guides and checklists that you will learn how to use making it super easy to implement them within your work environment. Assuming you cannot consume the program all at once, you can still comfortably go through every lesson even on the ADVANCED course in under FIVE weeks. You would have learnt what you need to know to build the best possible digital marketing team OR improve on what you already have in place.

Each individual's/team's learning capacity, level of skill, commitment to success and practical circumstances are different. We therefore do not guarantee results as much of it depends on your own efforts and desire to make the best of the training.

How do I exponentially grow my digital marketing department's efficiency in <1 year?

This scenario ideally applies to those who sign-up for the BLUEPRINT program which is an advanced course. 

You begin the FRAMEWORK (Intermediate level) and the BLUEPRINT (Advanced level) courses with an initial score based on your current state on the ‘Digital Marketing Competency Maturity Model’, a proprietary rating chart developed by Raghuram.

You set your goals and create your own plan of action as you go through the rest of the Digital Marketing CoE training program. If your starting point is low but you aim really high and work towards it, chances are that the efficiency gain that you will see would be significant and easily noticeable in a relatively short time span.

Execution and commitment to success drives results. That’s why, while we can show you the way, we cannot guarantee results.

The program sounds promising, but I don’t have the time to do all of this myself.

No problem, anyone from your organization could access this training program as well. As the leader of your organization, you may want to delegate specific parts of the execution and management to others and directly manage that which you must. What to delegate and when is covered in the training program. We highly recommend that you or your delegated team members complete the program as soon as possible to sustain the momentum in execution.

It takes some work at the beginning to understand the concepts and put them into action. But once that’s done, you are saving yourself and your team from failures, chaos, and a ton of stress in the future since you have a tried and tested methodology that you need to follow. You will be in control of your ship, decision making becomes easy and exponential growth becomes very achievable. Is that future state worth putting your time and energy into the program, that’s for you to decide.

Is this program country specific?

No. You will learn how to apply global management principles and best practices within the context of running a digital marketing department. Hence, it does not matter where you or your customers are physically located.

Digital marketing tactics and strategies could be specific to regions, audience segments, industries, size of your TAM, etc. However such tactics and strategies are NOT within the scope of this training program. As long as the English language isn't a barrier, you will benefit from this training program regardles of your or your audiences' physical location.

What should I do next?

If you are here for the first time, you may want to start with the Health-Check quiz. It is a FREE SWOT analysis of your digital marketing department’s current state of efficiency and maturity. Learn where you stand today and then decide which course is ideal for you to start with.