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CoE Strategy Development

Core Concepts and Overview

Course Outline

Assess Your DM Capability

Select Products & Services

Select Ideal DM Channel

Integrate Traditional Marketing

Develop Multilevel Personas

Define DM Objectives

Analyze Competitor's DM

Map Talent to DM Needs

Develop Your DM Budget

CoE Strategy Implementation

Core Concepts and Overview

Course Outline

Create Your Org Structure

Acquire DM Talent

Define DM OKRs

Develop SOP Frameworks

Select & Align DM Agency

Implement DM KPIs

CoE Capability Management

Core Concepts and Overview

Course Outline

Deliver Campaigns Sustainably

Manage Tactical Micro KPIs

Manage DM Risks

Manage Profitability & ROI

Recognize & Manage Patterns

CoE Optimization & Scale

Core Concepts and Overview

Course Outline

Scale & Rightsize On Demand

Optimize Cost Structures

Become a Profit Centre

Transform Into A CoE

* For 3, 6 and 9 Months

We want you to finish the course material and implement your learnings as soon as possible for your own benefit. Therefore in order to ensure your commitment to success, drive a sense of urgency and sustain your momentum till you see noticeable results; we charge you an upfront one-time fee for a fixed duration. We call this the PHASE 1 of your CoE training regardless of which course you purchase.

The fixed durations for PHASE 1 at each level of training are as follows:
- 3 months for
the ROADMAP (Beginner level)
- 6 months for
the FRAMEWORK (Intermediate level)
- 9 months for
the BLUEPRINT (Advanced level)

The expectation is that by the end of PHASE 1 you have reaped the benefits of the training program and are well on your way to building your own Digital Marketing Centre of Excellence.

* Pre Launch

The BEGINNER course is ready for purchaseThe INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED courses will be ready for purchase in Q3 2024.

We invite you to join the waiting list for the FRAMEWORK and ADVANCED courses by paying a nominal, but non-refundable booking fee. By paying this fee, you are promising us that you will buy the course once it is ready for release. As a gesture of gratitude we will hold down the pre-launch price (which is 50% lower than the full cost) for those who join our waiting list.

* Monthly Subscription Fees

After PHASE 1 (i.e. 3, 6 or 9 months depending on the course you purchase), you enter PHASE 2 during which you need to pay a monthly subscription fee for continued access to your course and our private facebook group.

PHASE 2 is all about staying in touch with ongoing curriculum updates as and when they happen. You also stay connected with the community on our private facebook group @DigiMarkCOE for ongoing support and advice from other industry leaders such as yourself.
- If you have staff turnover you do not risk losing all the knowledge gained through our courses.
- While onboarding new hires, they can use this training program to quickly align with the methodologies, systems, processes and performance standards you have established. This ensures that your digital marketing department stays on top of their game at all times. 

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your course while on your monthly subscription plan (PHASE 2). For more details, please read the upgrade, downgrade, cancellation & refund policies detailed under SUBSCRIPTIONS on our Terms and Conditions page.

* Score 100% on the 'Health Check'

The 'Health Check' is a FREE self-assessment of your digital marketing department’s current state of efficiency and maturity. If you took the assessment and scored less than 100%, this module would enable you to improve your score on the assessment, on relevant questions.

* Chapter Introduction

The chapter would be introduced and related concepts would be covered. To access various lessons within the chapter with detailed how-to videos, and to download user guides, reusable templates, calculators, checklists and other assets... you would have to upgrade to the ADVANCED course.