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We Walk Besides You, Every Step Of The Way

This INTERMEDIATE course, walks you through every step in strategizing and building out your ideal digital marketing practice. You also learn core concepts related to managing and scaling the department..

Pre-Launch price: $3,225 (50% OFF)   •  Course Release: Q3 2024


Video Lessons


Instruction Hours


Self paced on-demand


Checklists & Templates

For CEOs, CMOs and Digital Marketing Leaders

who want to build a world-class digital marketing practice that can stand the test of time, regardless of where they are today

Pre-Launch price: $3,225 (50% OFF)   •  Course Release: Q3 2024


You Will Learn...

✓ How to assess your current state on the Digital Marketing Capability Maturity Model

✓ How to pick the right product/s or service/s to start selling via digital marketing

✓ How to set the right ROI and profitability KPIs for all digital marketing efforts

✓ How to seamlessly integrate your digital marketing activities with your non-digital marketing and sales

✓ How to develop multi-level buyer personas with very intricate details

✓ How to define digital marketing objectives and pick digital marketing strategies to achieve them

✓ How to analyse your competitor's digital marketing strategies without using expensive tools

✓ How to map talent requirements to meet your digital marketing goals and objectives

✓ How to create a digital marketing budget and a project plan to develop your own digital marketing CoE



59 Video Lessons
(12 Hours of training)


✓ How to develop an org structure (Inhouse/ Agency/ Hybrid) for your digital marketing capability within a budget

✓ How to acquire talent, retain and develop them within the context of the digital marketing industry

✓ How to set and track OKRs at different levels within your digital marketing department

✓ How, where and when to build SOPs and maintain them so that they actually get used

✓ How to select and onboard the right digital marketing agency that aligns with your company culture

✓ How to set specific performance parameters and KPIs with your agency and your overall digital marketing department



68 Video Lessons
(16 Hours of training)


✓ How to create digital marketing campaign development and delivery frameworks

✓ How to set micro KPIs for profitability, performance, productivity, processes, and systems

✓ How to develop risk identification and mitigation frameworks within your digital marketing practice

✓ How to connect various moving parts, and link micro KPIs to macro KPIs such as digital profitability and ROI

✓ How to predict issues and their potential impact based on pattern recognition

✓ How to rapidly scale or shrink your digital marketing practice in response to market volatility safely



107 Video Lessons
(24 Hours of training)


✓ How to rapidly scale or shrink your digital marketing practice in response to market volatility safely

✓ How to optimize talent, tools and processes to stabilize costs without compromising the department's efficiency

✓ How to predict future demand scenarios and become a market advisor to the primary business

✓ How to scale your overall digital marketing capability without breaking the bank



45 Video Lessons
(10 Hours of training)


Pre-Launch price: $3,225 (50% OFF)   •  Course Release: Q3 2024

Meet the instructor

Raghuram, is the creator and principal coach of the Digital Marketing CoE training program. He brings over 20 years of experience managing the delivery of digital content based products and services. This includes over 18 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary digital content teams in three countries.

Raghuram brings over 7 years of digital marketing agency leadership experience in Canada. As a digital marketing strategist, he has directly helped over 25 North American b2b and b2c brands with their lead gen and sales enablement. As an agency leader, he has indirectly impacted over 200+ small and medium businesses. 

Raghuram has worked across 7 verticals including Financial Services, eLearning, Business Process Outsourcing, Professional Services, Media & Entertainment.


Pre-Launch price: $3,225 (50% OFF)   •  Course Release: Q3 2024



Who exactly is this course for?

This course is designed specifically for top level executives such as CEOs, CMOs, Founders, Business and Digital Marketing Leaders who own the responsibility of running their digital marketing capability successfully.

How is this course different from the other courses offered?

This FRAMEWORK course is an intermediate level training program that hand-holds you through the strategy and implementation phases of setting up your digital marketing department in great detail. Core concepts related to managing and scaling your digital marketing department are included without going in depth within these topics.

The BLUEPRINT is the advanced course that teaches everything you need to know from start to finish. You learn how to strategize, implement, manage and scale your digital marketing department every step of the way. This course is designed to hand-hold you from the beginning all the way until you transform your digital marketing department into a true ‘Center of Excellence’. This course includes everything covered in the FRAMEWORK course. i.e. If you purchase this course, you need not buy the FRAMEWORK course separately.

The ROADMAP is a basic level course that offers a brief window into what it takes to build out a highly proficient digital marketing practice. You learn what a top-class digital marketing department should look and operate like which helps you quickly identify gaps and bridge them. As a result, at the very least you would understand what it would take to get a perfect 100% score on your Health Check (self assessment).

What tools and skills do I need to make the best of this course?

If you are at the executive management level, you are presumably already skilled at running a business well. With regards to tools, if you are a basic level user of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel you are in a good place. The course includes detailed video lessons on how to manipulate various formulae on these templates to get what you need, right from making project plans to complex calculations related to KPI measurements, profitability, ROI, performance and productivity.

Why use this program when I can hire a VP or Director of Digital Marketing to do the same?

This program is designed to enable you, the business leader, to setup a digital marketing department even if you do NOT have a digital marketing leader/expert on your team. i.e. You can save significantly on the salary cost of hiring a senior digital marketing leader.

If you already have a digital marketing leader on-board, they can use this training program as a step-by-step guide that is ready for execution right away. All the heavy lifting in terms of conceptualizing and strategizing is already done for you.

Why doesn't this course cover digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Email Marketing, etc.?

There are several training programs out there that teach you a variety of digital marketing strategies and tactics. However, there is probably no comprehensive training program out there that shows you how to build a digital marketing department ground-up, optimize it and scale it. That's the gap we want to bridge with this training program.

Got it. This program must be expensive right?

No. Consider the cost of hiring a digital marketing leader and the amount of time and effort it takes to setup a fully functional digital marketing department. Consider the cost of making a lot of mistakes along the way, not to mention the amount of time lost in the process. Now wouldn't it be a massive cost saving if you knew how to do it all correctly at the first attempt, using a tried and tested methodology, at a fraction of that cost?

How long will it take to see results?

Depending on your pace of consumption, you could get through the entire course materials in a couple of weeks. After that, it all depends on how long you and your team take to practically implement all that you have learnt. The entire course is broken down into modules and lessons that you can revisit, as frequently as needed. At a very conservative pace, you should see noticeable results 3 to 6 months from the time you start implementing the program.

What if I have questions while going through the course?

IYou have chatbot support within the course itself. If anything is unclear after a particular lesson or module, please ask your question to the bot in your chat window on the course page. If the response isn’t helpful, write to us at Support@DigitalMarketingCOE.com and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

Purchasing this program gives you access to our private facebook group
DigitalMarketingCoE where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, share experiences and learn from other participants.

What if I do not have the time to learn and implement the program?

Anyone from your organization could access this training program. As the leader of your organization, you may want to delegate specific parts of the execution and management to others and directly manage only that which you must. What to delegate and when is covered in the training program.

It takes some work at the beginning to understand the concepts and put them into action. But once that’s done, you are saving yourself and your team from failures, chaos, and a ton of stress in the future since you have a tried and tested methodology that you need to follow.

How does the pricing work?

By joining the waiting list, you are promising us that you will buy the course once it is ready for release (Q3 2024). As a gesture of gratitude we will hold down the pre-launch price which is 50% lower than the full cost.

Purchasing the course (pre or post-launch) gives you access to the course for 6 months. Thereafter, you will automatically move into the monthly subscription plan that gives you lifetime access. You can cancel this monthly subscription at any time.

We want you to finish the course material and implement your learnings as soon as possible for your own benefit. In order to ensure your commitment to success, drive a sense of urgency and sustain your momentum till you see noticeable results; we charge you an upfront one-time fee for a fixed duration. We call this the PHASE 1 of your CoE training regardless of which course you purchase.

The fixed durations for PHASE 1 at each level of training are as follows:
- 3 months for the ROADMAP
- 6 months for the FRAMEWORK
- 9 months for the BLUEPRINT

The expectation is that by the end of PHASE 1 you have reaped the benefits of the training program and are well on your way to building your own Digital Marketing Centre of Excellence.

After PHASE 1, you enter PHASE 2 during which you need to pay a monthly subscription fee for continued access to your course and our private facebook group.

PHASE 2 is all about staying in touch with ongoing curriculum updates as and when they happen. You also stay connected with the community on our private facebook group for ongoing support and advice from other industry leaders such as yourself.

- If you have staff turnover you do not risk losing all the knowledge gained through our courses.
- While onboarding new hires, they can use this training program to quickly align with the methodologies, systems, processes and performance standards you have established.

This ensures that your digital marketing department stays on top of their game at all times.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my purchase at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your course during PHASE 1 or PHASE 2 of your CoE training.

You can purchase an upgrade at anytime on our website. Upgrades become effective immediately upon purchase.

If you upgrade your course during PHASE 1 or PHASE 2 of your current course, you only pay the cost difference in the PHASE 1 fee of the upgrade and enter PHASE 1 of the new course.

Please email us at Support@DigitalMarketingCOE.com before purchasing an upgrade so we can issue a discount coupon to ensure that your upgrade costs are adjusted correctly.

Downgrades and cancellations:
If you downgrade your course during PHASE 1 or PHASE 2 of your current course, you enter PHASE 1 of the new course. The difference in the fee of the lower priced course will however not be refunded.

We do not issue refunds.

If you cancel your course you will still have access until the end of your current PHASE.

For instance,
- If you cancel the BEGINNER course within 15 days after purchase, you will still have access to the course till the end of the 3 months PHASE 1 duration.
- If you cancel the BEGINNER course during PHASE 2, you will still have access to the course till the end of the billing cycle, which is the end of the month since you are now on a monthly subscription plan.

Please email us at Support@DigitalMarketingCOE.com for downgrades and cancellations.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not issue refunds.

Unlike in the case of physical goods or 3rd party services, the value of an online self-paced training program is heavily dependent on the student’s commitment to make the best of it. Having the option to step back (i.e. get a refund) statistically has proven to drive a sense of complacency in buyers, leading to procrastination and a general lack of commitment or accountability in making the best of the training. As a result, the student does not benefit from the training and more often than not, the course material gets a bad rap.

In addition, research shows that online course completion rates are abysmal, ranging from anywhere between 5% - 15%. Therefore as a very strategic move, we want our customers to do their due diligence before making a purchase. Once they are in, we expect them to be all in.

That’s also why we charge a fixed fee during PHASE 1 instead of directly starting on a monthly subscription plan. Knowing that you’ve made a financial commitment for a fixed duration without the option of looking back is highly likely to drive you towards committed action, ensuring your success

What should I do next?

Join the waiting list for this BLUEPRINT course by paying a non-refundable fee of $240.

By paying this fee, you are promising us that you will buy the course once it is ready for release (Q3 2024). As a gesture of gratitude we will hold down the pre-launch price of $ 6,150 for you which is 50% lower than the full cost.

Once the BLUEPRINT course is launched, we will email you a discount coupon so you end up paying just the balance amount of $5,910 (i.e. $6,150 - $240) and complete your purchase online.

Pre-Launch price: $3,225 (50% OFF)   •  Course Release: Q3 2024