We do not issue refunds.

Unlike in the case of physical goods or 3rd party services, the value of an online self-paced training program is heavily dependent on the student’s commitment to make the best of it. Having the option to step back (i.e. get a refund) statistically has proven to drive a sense of complacency in buyers, leading to procrastination and a general lack of commitment or accountability in making the best of the training. As a result, the student does not benefit from the training and more often than not, the course material gets a bad rap.

In addition, research shows that online course completion rates are abysmal, ranging from anywhere between 5% - 15%. Therefore as a very strategic move, we want our customers to do their due diligence before making a purchase. Once they are in, we expect them to be all in.

That’s also why we charge a one-time fixed fee (during PHASE 1) instead of directly starting on a monthly subscription plan. Knowing that you’ve made a financial commitment for a fixed duration without the option of looking back is highly likely to drive you towards committed action, ensuring your success